Blow mold manufacturing    

EB y Heise helps the plastics industry to achieve greater efficiencies through the following set of services:

 2-D & 3-D Multicavity Tool Design

Fully integrated CAD/CAM & CNC Machining

Plastic bottle Computer Aided Design
 Quick change mold systems
 Mold maintenance and repair

Blow mold & tool design
Our blow mold design capabilities range from the digitizing of models or cavities to complex 3D modeling from simple sketches or from bidimensional drawings using our computer aided design software SDRC I-Deas, Delcam and Pro/ENGINEER.

Endorsed with a huge mold design data base and more than three decades of experience in the design of molds, our engineering personnel is recognized as the best in the industry. All our molds are designed to operate to the fastest cycles possible and to produce articles with exact dimensions. We are always improving our productivity and manufacturing processes to offer an excellent product at a fair price.

Computer Aided Bottle Design

In product development and mould design we offer you:

2D and 3D Computer Aided Design
 Solid modeling
 Plastic bottle design
 Volumetric calculation
 Productivity optimizing Mold design .


EB-Heise has great experience in the manufacture of an ample variety of molds for different blow molding materials and processes. We have produced a great variety of molds for plastic products, from light containers for the dairy industry to great size industrial applications, from simple molds to very complex molds with irregular partition lines and movable parts, we have the knowledge and experience required to satisfy your needs.

We have adopted high speed machining processes to our plants and are committed with our clients to offer molds with the best quality in the industry. Allow EB-Heise to show you machined cavities with so perfect finishing that we have almost eliminated the necessity of polishing them by hand. Our dimensional consistency of cavity to cavity is by far the best one of the industry.

Our full-time quality control inspectors evaluate the different components of the molds throughout the manufacturing process and after the final assembly.
We measure, register and store all the criticall dimensions for future use.
Our inspection department is equipped with Cordax CMM's, optical comparators, special gauges and a whole lot of precision instruments to assure precise and complete inspections. Each mold that we make goes through a leak test on its cooling system and an evaluation of coolant flow to assure that it fulfills the high standards established by our engineering department.