Quick Change Mold Systems

  Blow mold maintenance    
Heise lndustries is proud to present the patented quick change mold system. This system was developed to satisfy the increasing demand of our customers for a more agile production system.

This system helps blow molders to quickly respond to the ever changing market environment. The Quick Mold Change System offers our clients a competitive advantage allowing them to install any of their molds on any of their machines on record time.

There are two variants; One for extrusion-blow Systems and one for SBM System (Stretch Blow Molding) for PET bottles.


On the basis of our commitment to offer an integral high class service to our appreciated customers we offer complete maintenance and repair services in our two plants.
In most cases, we can offer a response time of 24 hours for emergency maintenances, including pinch repair, change of pin & bushings and general maintenance.
Heise handles repairs and modifications including molds for linear processes, wheel machines and reciprocating systems.